Leadership Coaching


Team leadership and development is important, not only for achieving your own goals, but harnessing your leadership skills to engage your team in a stronger, more effective manner. Clients say I bring a balance of business acumen and emotional intelligence amidst a range of valid experience. Targeted insight and dialogue, combined with a keen intuition, motivates my clients to take a hard and insightful look about what’s working and what could be better to make them more effective and thus, successful. With executive coaching as well as workshop facilitation, I work with your group or team to develop a program to achieve your desired results. While most coaches focus on solving problems—with an inherent focus on them—I look beneath and beyond what isn’t working to uncover true motivations, goals, and often unspoken dreams that can be the driving force behind accelerated growth.

My experience in group 360 facilitation and developing custom programs or workshops address the very specific needs of each team that hires me. I have an extremely high success rate when our work is implemented and supported by ambitious, open-minded leaders who value integrity.

In addition to being part of global leadership coaching team at INSEAD, my domestic and international strategic partnerships with esteemed colleagues expand my capabilities and my reach— in addition to allowing for an engaged experiential learning experience.


I take on a very limited number of private coaching engagements for individuals who are committed to working on their goals and pushing themselves beyond what they thought possible. With a broad base of experience, I use my business insight, positive psychology and a take-action approach to meeting difficult challenges. My style is holistic and experiential, which invites my client to truly connect with their strengths and evaluate where they need the most work. Most coaching takes place over the phone or via Skype. In-person is possible, depending on location and specifics of the engagement. 


  • Cross cultural leadership and diversity
  • Leadership challenges and goals
  • Resilience and Empathy
  • Communication through speaking or writing
  • Women’s empowerment & confidence

“Elizabeth brings my thinking a level deeper.”
— BC, Executive, Fortune 500 Company

“Elizabeth was instrumental in helping me to identify my own strengths and provided me with tools to help utilize them. Her professional and firm approach coupled with a warm demeanor made her effective and a pleasure to work with.”
—AT, Program Specialist, United Nations

“As a result of our work together, I secured more venture funding.”
—SR, Entrepreneur


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