Helping clients use their untapped strengths for leadership and business success takes a hard and honest look at the truth, a willingness to do the work, and a creative and practical approach to problem solving.

The individuals and teams with whom I work with learn to stand for what’s most important to them. Gaining clarity on financial, spiritual, emotional, communicative, cultural, personal and professional values before strategizing execution builds a strong foundation, making next steps for exceeding performance goals easier.

High achievers, ironically, can have a hard time

  • Recognizing they move much, much, faster than the people in their midst.
  • Knowing when to take their foot off the proverbial gas.
  • Realizing they may have to accept that they cannot possibly be excellent at everything.
  • Learning how to turn intimidation into invitation.
  • Flying their freak flag.
  • Coming to the table with a beginner’s mind.
  • Knowing how to increase visibility without sounding boastful.

Because they know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, my high performers resist the non-linear thinking that will lead to their greatest breakthroughs….

That’s where I do my best work. My clients consider me a consultative partner with no vested interest beyond their unprecedented success. Side benefits include but are not limited to:

  • More time to celebrate between goals.
  • Increased time with their loved ones and their passion projects.
  • Finding pause and intention: less reaction.
  • Living in their center with more integrity, more honesty, and better results.
  • Pushing farther faster with less effort and striving.
  • Uncovering more ease and joy.

I am a broad thinker with a growth mindset, an international leadership coach, speaker and published writer, who has always reveled in the unexpected surprises and cross-training benefits of the non-linear approach to leadership and life. Areas where I help clients include:

  • Leading authentically.
  • Navigating power and influence.
  • Storytelling and effective communication.
  • Building empowered, high trust, teams.
  • Scaling leadership impact.
  • Embracing their resilience.

Working with well-known international leadership institutions such as, INSEAD in Fountainebleau, France, ESMT Business School in Berlin, Germany and The Kets De Vries Institute (KDVI) in London, UK, have given me a practical and insightful cross-cultural understanding that easily translates into diverse corporate cultures in the U.S. and around the world.

Diversity has been a great equalizer and trainer in my own life and career. I’ve dabbled in extremes, ranging from triathalon to trial lawyer to recruiter, giving me a wide range of experience and connection with others. My father’s amazing coaching and leadership was a catalyst for my growth mindset, passion for work and zest for life. I am able to draw on these elements to give clients a unique experience that garners meaningful results.

“I’m not a crutch, I’m a hard truth.”


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